The Best Candle Scents for Relaxation

The kids are finally sleeping. You’ve stopped scrolling and put down your phone for the night. 

You’re caught up on all your favorite adult t.v. shows — now you’re tossing and turning in bed; you just can’t relax. 

It’s a never-ending cycle; one that you keep hoping will change. So, you’re doing things differently, starting today. You’re ready to light some candles, grab a book, and truly relax. 

As you rummage through your candle collection, you start to wonder “What are the best candle scents for relaxation?” Is there a specific scent that might be better than others to help your mind and body relax

We’re in the business of candles and after many years of stress and sleepless nights, we’ve created a list of our top 10 relaxing candle scents and the benefits of each one. 


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Aromatherapy and Its Connection to Calming Candle Scents

Aromatherapy involves using essential oils derived from plants, flowers, herbs, and other natural extracts. to help calm your body and mind, but it also involves choosing the best scents for your unique situation or mood. 

Although these scents are often applied directly to the skin in a diluted form, they can also be mixed into a candle, allowing you to breathe in the oils and experience the multitude of benefits — including relaxation.


What Is an Aromatherapy Candle?

Aren’t all candles created equal? 

Absolutely not. 

Aromatherapy candles are candles created with a combination of essential oils and wax set with a candle wick to cool and dry. 

When a traditional candle is burning, you could be inhaling toxins — but with  Aromasthesia candles, you’re safely inhaling essential oils and fragrance oils and not risking your (or your loved ones’) health. 

Aromatherapy candles, made with essential oils, provide some of the best scents for relaxation — let the aroma fill the air, and your lungs, and let the “zen” feelings take over your body.  


best candle scents for relaxation


10 Relaxing Candle Scents


#1: Chamomile

Feeling on-edge? Chamomile tea might be your go-to “nightcap”, but did you know that the scent of chamomile oils may be enough to snuff your worries out?  

Chamomile is one of the most common medicinal herbs used to reduce anxiety, induce relaxation, and improve sleep quality. One study even found that the use of chamomile essential oils helped reduce anxiety during childbirth

Not preparing to have a baby? Chamomile still may be one of the best candle scents for relaxation, helping you unwind from day-to-day stressors, and start sleeping more soundly. 

But the benefits of chamomile don’t stop there. Did you know that chamomile extracts can help reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder


#2: Vanilla

You’re constantly feeling agitated, on the verge of yet another breakdown. You can’t adult any longer today. Your kids are yelling “MOMMY!” over and over and you’re checked out — “Mommy’s off duty, go ask your dad.”

But you know that dad’s answer isn’t one you’ll be thrilled with either. 

Whether you’re looking to calm the mommy questions or gain your composure and actually feel like you have it all together — inhaling the scents of vanilla might be the cure-all. 

Lower irritability levels, decrease insomnia, enhance your mood, and light a vanilla-scented candle — like Aromasthesia’s Haloperidol candle.  


best candle scents for relaxation


#3: Lavender

Close your eyes. Imagine being surrounded by fields of lavender and now take a deep breath in. Although the stress of the day may not be gone forever, if you've ever smelt lavender, you know that sitting in a field of lavender may instantly calm your worries. 

Whether you’re feeling foggy from a long day at work, or you’re suffering from insomnia and can’t relax — and you want a natural way to simmer down — lavender may be one of the best candle scents for relaxation. 

Lower your stress levels — and your blood pressure — with an aromatherapy candle, like our Labetalol candle, which is a perfect blend of lavender and bergamot with undernotes of cedarwood and musk.


#4: Sweet Orange

Whether you’re struggling to “fit in” — yes, even as an adult, it can really tear ya down — or you’re dealing with the daily struggles of parenthood; burning a candle made up of sweet orange essential oils may be the best way to calm your nerves at the end of the day. 

Research suggests that sweet orange is one of the best scents for relaxation. 

Inhaling sweet orange essential oils may help you keep your cool during anxiety-inducing situations.



#5: Bergamot

Insomnia sufferers, this is one of the best candle scents for relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Get in the zone, turn off your phone — and your brain — and get ready to sink into your mattress after you light one of the best candle scents for relaxation: bergamot. 

Aside from potentially reducing blood pressure and heart rate, bergamot also prepares the body for sleep the same way lavender oil might, by reducing stressful thoughts. 


#6: Lemongrass

Bills are piling up. The A/C went out in the middle of the summer and the kids won’t stop complaining. You’re feeling mildly unstable — one more thing goes wrong and you’re going to crack open that bottle of wine well before five o’clock. 

But before that happens, your inability to relax causes your blood pressure to rise, and a stress migraine hits — there’s just no relaxing when your head is throbbing, vision is blurry, and you’re still sweating the bills that are due next week. 

That increase in your blood pressure could be from your stress levels alone. To ease that stress and reduce your risk for migraines, consider adding aromatherapy to your daily routine — specifically using lemongrass oils. 

Eugenol, a compound found in lemongrass, may help to relieve pain caused by migraines, because of its similar abilities to aspirin. Eugenol is said to prevent blood platelets from clumping together and may even release serotonin in the body — improving cognitive function and regulating your mood. 


#7: Peppermint

You need everyone in your house to chill — including your children. You’re all on edge and you’re counting down the minutes until bedtime. 

While several different scents might help most people wind down, peppermint might be one of the best candle scents for relaxation for any age. 

The menthol component of peppermint not only helps your muscles relax, but it reduces anxiety and stress levels, giving you — and your littles — the ability to relax and sleep soundly.


#8: Rosemary

You’ve been dreaming of having a carefree attitude daily. Your stress levels are far too high, but no amount of yoga or diet changes are helping you worry less and enjoy life more.  

Consider adding rosemary scents to your candle collection. Inhaling rosemary has been proven to lower cortisol levels associated with increased stress.  


#9: Jasmine

You’ve joked that between the lack of sleep you’re getting and the amount of stress life continues to throw at you, taking a valium might really take the edge off. 

What if I told you that inhaling jasmine might have the same effects? 

In 2010, German scientists found that inhaling jasmine has the mood-enhancing, yet relaxing effects of benzodiazepines — without the risk of addiction. 

Worry less and breathe in the beautiful scents of jasmine. 

As one of the best candle scents for relaxation for those who are known as the family worrier, Aromasthesia has a candle just for you. 

Aromasthesia’s Lorazepam candle contains a relaxing blend of patchouli with soft jasmine and a hint of amber. 


relaxing candle scents


#10: Coconut

If you get another call from the office after hours, you may just lose it. 

You want to be off duty — but the reality is you’re never off duty. 

How can you relax like you would if you were sipping a coquito on the beach? Breathing in the scents of coconut may have just the effects you need to feel like you actually have your life together if the dreaded call comes after hours. 


Do You Need Some Relaxation? Aromasthesia  Has the Best Calming Candle Scents Available

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Our aromatherapy candles are … 

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best candle scents for relaxation