12 Fruit-Scented Candles That Smell Good Enough to Eat

The scent of fruits can be so nostalgic. Maybe oranges remind you of carefree summer days. Or lemons bring back the memory of spring cleaning and walking into a home that felt refreshed and new.

Are you longing for that same refreshing and energizing feeling in your home?

Fruit-scented candles are just what you need.

Learn about the most popular fruity scents used for candles and how they can help you evoke the perfect mood for your home. But first, grab a snack — these fruity candles smell good enough to eat.


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12 Popular Fruity Scents

When you light a candle in your home, you’re probably hoping that both its look and scent help create a certain mood. Whether you’re looking to bring energy to a space or make it more relaxing, choosing the right scent can change the entire room’s tone.

No matter what you’re hoping to achieve in your home, Aromasthesia has a scent in our collection that will do just the trick. Learn how these 12 popular fruity scents can help set the perfect energizing or relaxing mood for your space.


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#1: Grapefruit

Does the smell of grapefruit bring you a sense of calmness? It should! Grapefruit not only has many positive effects on the brain but it is commonly used in aromatherapy because it’s known to:

  • Balance mood
  • Decrease stress; and
  • Lower blood pressure

If you’re feeling like the weight of the day is bringing you down, your blood pressure is reaching its limits from screaming kids, or you’re stressed out after a long day of work, the scent of grapefruit can fix you up.


#2: Pear

If you’re searching for a fresh, crisp, and natural fruity smell, look no further than a pear-scented candle. When burning, this scent releases a tangy sweet aroma that mimics the smell of pears in bloom — how refreshing!

Not only does pear essential oil have amazing benefits for the skin, but its antioxidants have properties that can:

  • Help fight infection
  • Reduce inflammation; and
  • Lower blood pressure


#3: Mango

Mango is known to be one of the most popular fruits in the world. Not only is it tasty to eat, but both the flesh and the oils inside of a mango pit have extraordinary benefits.

Some research suggests that because mangos are rich in antioxidants, their oils can help to fight oxidative stress.


#4: Orange

Oranges might remind you of a bright summer day. Are you picturing yourself sitting on the beach with a good book in hand and your toes in the sand as you peel an orange and are hit with its scent? Sounds relaxing, right?

Studies have shown that exposure to orange scent has a relaxing effect. It’s been proven to:

  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Boost moods; and 
  • Bring on a higher level of calmness

No wonder you’re picturing yourself at the beach right now.


#5: Bergamot

Not only is bergamot a well-rounded fruity scent, but it also comes with a list of health benefits. The…

  • Fruity
  • Herbal
  • Floral; and
  • Spicy

… aroma found in bergamot oil is known to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol levels; and
  • Boost moods

Bergamot has been used for its medicinal benefits for many years, but before you head to the drugstore, first try lighting a bergamot candle and hopping in a bubble bath.


#6: Peach

Peach oil might be more popular than you think. Often used for its medicinal qualities, peach oil is used in vitamins and supplements that:

  • Promote healthy blood flow
  • Help with digestive issues; and
  • Relieve common feminine conditions

Peach oil is also great for your hair, your skin, and your mood. The nectar aroma instantly reminds you of springtime when the flowers on peach trees begin to bloom. How’s that for a mood booster?


#7: Currant

Not only are currants pricey, allowing the scent to leave your home smelling expensive, but they’re loaded with health benefits, too. This long list of pros could be what lends to the relaxing feeling that overcomes you when the fruity scent hits the air.

  • They are high in vitamins C and B which promote healthy skin.
  • They are a great source of iron which supports red blood cells and transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
  • Vitamin C also helps to strengthen the immune system and fight illnesses.
  • They are a source of potassium which supports heart health and lowers blood pressure.
  • Currants can reduce fevers, symptoms of gout, and rheumatism and have also been used as a mild laxative or diuretic.
  • They help relieve skin conditions like eczema and acne.


#8: Lemon

Nothing says clean and refreshing quite like the smell of lemons! This nostalgic scent is sharp, so a little bit can go a long way.

The pungent aroma the lemons leave behind is both mood-lifting and stress-reducing, making you feel like you can take on any day or scenario with a fresh and clear mind. After all, burning lemon (grapefruit, lime, and orange, too!) is known to help increase productivity.


#9: Lychee

Skin rejuvenating. Good for bones. Anti-aging. Controls blood pressure. Increases metabolism. Reduces pain and illnesses. Good for hair… should we go on?

The long list of lychee benefits makes it a great choice for aromatherapy. Its fruity sweet taste is said to resemble that of watermelons and strawberries. Imagine that scent floating through the air — a perfect mixture of both pleasant and exotic — to transport you to a tropical island of pure relaxation.


#10: Lime

Are you feeling stressed, agitated, or at the end of your rope? 

Lighting a lime-scented candle can ease your worries and leave you feeling refreshed. When you think of limes, what do you picture? Brightness. Happiness. A little spunk. That’s exactly how you should feel after taking in the aroma of lime after a stressful day.


#11: Kiwi

Do you love the smell of a fresh fruit smoothie? Then you need the scent of kiwi burning in your home. 

This fruity and sweet aroma has a hint of lemon that aids in the relaxing and rejuvenating feelings you experience when sitting on your couch watching your latest Netflix binge to wind down at the end of a long day. 


#12: Guava

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Do you smell that? It’s the smell of everything tropical. Sweet, fruity, distinct.

The bittersweet, hint-of-lemon aroma you experience from guava is all things fruity, flowery, earthy, and sweet.


What Kind of Mood Do Fruit-Scented Candles Evoke?

Are you in need of some pep in your step? Maybe you’ve had a stressful day at the office. Your kids are driving you absolutely insane and you feel your blood pressure rising.

Can fruity-smelling candles help?

Fruit-scented candles evoke many different kinds of moods depending on which fruity candle you choose to burn.

Orange and lemon are clean and refreshing, helping you to clear your mind and start all over when necessary.

Lime is stimulating, giving you the breath of fresh air you might be searching for after a tough morning.

Grapefruit and bergamot are stress-reducing, leaving you feeling calm, refreshed, and worry-free.

What mood are you hoping to evoke? Take what you need from Aromasthesia.


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Which Fruity Candle Scents Are Most Popular?

Fruity-smelling candles are all around, but not all fruit-scented candles are created like ours. If you’re searching for the best fruity candles, Aromasthesia  has them available for you. Even better, I’ve created a fruity candle 4-pack stocked with the most popular fruit-scented candles we have available. 

  1. Dexmedetomidine is a mixture of grapefruit and bergamot with a tiny hint of clove that evokes an energizing atmosphere.
  2. A mix of pear, lychee, and passionflower, Oxytocin gives anyone down in the dumps the push you need to power through the day.
  3. Atropine’s combination of tropical and floral scents gives you the boost you need to keep on keeping on when you need some extra energy.
  4. Botulinum’s floral, lemony, tropical fruit aroma will turn your frown upside down.


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Aromasthesia: The Most Luxuriously Fruity-Smelling Candles You’ll Ever Sniff

Have I convinced you that fruity-smelling candles are what you need in your life to give you the energy you need to barrel through the day or to help you relax when you’ve just had enough?

My Aromasthesia fruit-scented candles will get you there every time. And better yet – they smell good enough to eat!

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