What Are the Best Luxury Gifts for a Doctor? Dr. Tiffany Moon Weighs In

Gift giving is your thing. You love honoring your friends’ and loved ones' accomplishments. You are the first to recognize when someone deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated, but when it comes to picking gifts for a doctor, you’re stumped.

After all, it should be special since they’re the world’s most unmentioned heroes. How can you truly show your appreciation and gift them something that’s sentimental but practical? 

You want to show them how much you truly admire their commitment to medicine and helping others. 

As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Tiffany Moon has received many gifts in the field. Keep reading to find out the top ten doctor-approved luxury gifts that she recommends considering.


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The Top 10 Gifts for a Doctor — Chosen By a Doctor


#1: Medical-Themed Candles by Aromasthesia

Taking care of people day in and out is one of the most fulfilling things about being a doctor — but it’s also one of the most exhausting. 

Whether you’re trying to help the doctor in your life take the edge off after busy shifts, or you’re looking for a way to boost their mood (and energy levels) , gifting an Aromasthesia, medical-themed candles may be just the solution.

With no dyes, paraffin, phthalates, or parabens, you can feel confident that you’re gifting a nontoxic gift that helps relieve the stress, refuel, and re-energize after a long day or week.


Epinephrine Candle


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Your neighbor has spent more time on shift at the hospital than in their home in the past few weeks — and you’re searching for the perfect gift to show that you’re thankful for their sacrifice, but you also want to be helpful. 

The Aromasthesia  Epinephrine candle gives doctors the boost of adrenaline they need to get through those overnight shifts or the day after those long shifts. 

The combination of …

  • Soft amber
  • Himalayan cedarwood; and 
  • A touch of jasmine

… will surely invigorate and reignite your doctor’s energy levels to conquer the day, or night.


Lorazepam Candle


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In 2021 alone, out of 23,000 doctors surveyed, 47% reported being burnout, according to one study

Gifting the Aromasthesia Lorazepam candle allows your doctor to sit back, inhale, and let the stresses of the day fade away — and hopefully prevent and reduce the feelings of burnout. 

What better way to help the doctor in your life take a breather than by encouraging them to light a candle and put up their feet? 

The Lorazepam candle contains an earthy blend of … 

  • Patchouli
  • Soft jasmine; and 
  • A hint of amber 

These essential oils not only help induce relaxation, but may enhance moods and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. 


#2: Cloud 9 Scrubs


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Comfort is key on 12+ hour days — and most doctors don’t want to spend their time off the job trying to find scrubs. 

If you are looking for gifts for a doctor and care about practicality, sustainability, and usability,  Cloud 9 Scrubs are the perfect gift. 

A woman-owned and woman-operated scrubs company, Cloud 9 Scrubs are a modern, size-inclusive, luxury performance brand. The scrubs are made using eco-conservative methods and are bluesign certified, meaning that no awful chemicals are used in the making. 

Comfort, style, and sustainability — just what every doctor dreams of in a pair of scrubs. 


#3: Daily Harvest


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Your doctor is always on the go — whether heading to the hospital for an emergency call or taking the two hours they have before their 12-hour shift to hit the gym. 

There’s never enough time in the day. There also aren’t enough healthy and delicious meal options on the way to work or on the way home from the hospital. 

Whether it’s because they want to spend more time with family, or they just don’t have time between shifts to make nutritious meals, a Daily Harvest subscription is the ideal gift. 

From nutritious bowls and smoothies, to bakes and flatbreads, Daily Harvest’s subscriptions provide doctors with nutritious and delicious pre-made meals that they can grab and go. 

Built on fruits and vegetables, Daily Harvest meals are … 

  • Farm-frozen
  • Thoughtfully sourced
  • Chef-created
  • Pre-portioned; and
  • Superfood based

… and can be delivered right to your doctor’s door! Click here for $25 your first order. 


#4: A High-Quality Therapeutic Pillow


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If you’re searching for gifts for a doctor that are practical and considerate, consider the gift of a goodnight’s sleep. 

A gift card for a therapeutic pillow, like this highly customizable pillow from Pluto Pillow. These pillows are tailored to meet your unique sleep positions, body stats, and more.

Once your loved one receives the gift card for a Pluto Pillow, all they have to do is hop online, fill out a quick questionnaire that helps the creators make a pillow perfect for them, and the pillow will be shipped straight to their door. The doctor in your life will appreciate resting easy once they fill out the quick questionnaire about their body stats, how they sleep, and what they like in a pillow.


#5: An Espresso Machine


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Whether you’re a doctor or not, caffeine is the best pick-me-up for many of us. 

Your doctor’s day likely starts before the sun even comes up and may even be followed by late nights stuck at the hospital, dealing with a revolving door of patients. 

Feed your doctors' caffeine addiction and show your appreciation for their sleepless nights by gifting them an espresso machine. Consider one of the following espresso machines: 


#6: Tiffany Co. Caduceus Clip Ballpoint Pen


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Your doctor’s penmanship may be more like chicken scratch, but at least they can do it in style with a fancy pen like this Caduceus Clip ballpoint pen. 

Gone are the days of your doctor consistently stealing the nurses' pens. When they have a pen that looks this nice when displayed on their desk or tucked into their pocket, there’s no chance they’ll risk losing it on the hospital floor. 

This pen is stylish, sleek, and writes effortlessly — and can be engraved, making it an ideal gift for the doctor in your life. 


#7: Garden Cup


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Your doctor already knows the importance of a healthy diet — taking the time to care for everyone else’s health and still having to find time to pick up and prep veggies to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be daunting. 

Making it to the cafeteria and back to another appointment in 30 minutes must be done at the speed of a marathon runner. Resisting the urge to grab a slice of pizza from the breakroom instead of a nutritious meal is nearly impossible. 

GardenCup makes it easy for doctors to eat nutritiously and deliciously. 

GardenCup offers a variety of crisp and fresh plant-packed meals.  Choose from a multitude of salad flavors, like: 

  • TexMex 
  • Caprese
  • Caesar, and 
  •  Applegreen

Gardencup is a gift that keeps on giving with their monthly subscription plans. 

Fuel your doctor’s week with GardenCup, purchase five cups and receive the sixth one free with the code TIFFANY.


#8: Apple Watch


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For many medical professionals, no matter the level of quality your scrubs are, finding a comfortable place for your phone as you roam the hospital all day is nearly impossible — which is why the cellular Apple Watch is the ideal gift. 

Busy days leave no time to text, talk, or scroll mindlessly — making the Apple Watch the ideal gift for a doctor. Doctors can…

  • Receive calls, texts, and updates on-the-go
  • Track their steps
  • Track their heart rate and other vitals
  • And more

Apple watches are highly customizable with interchangeable watch bands and different watch face settings — making them perfect for staying stylish even on the job.

With an Apple Watch, doctors can have everything they need to stay in touch and informed at their fingertips.


#9: Headspace Subscription


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Burnout — both physically and mentally —  is real, especially as an MD. Could anxiety from a long day or lack of sleep due to the inability to wind down contribute to that burnout? 

It’s likely. 

That’s what makes a Headspace subscription an ideal gift for doctors — you’re contributing to their wellbeing. 

Headspace provides subscribers with meditation and mindfulness tools to help create positive habits that support mental health and wellbeing. With Headspace, doctors can:

  • Manage stress
  • Relax their minds 
  • Create better sleep habits 
  • Get better rest
  • Improve their focus

Help the doctor in your life get in the proper headspace, reduce stress, and amp up the joy in their life by gifting them a Headspace subscription. 


#10: Shower Steamers By Body Restore


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Aromasthesia: Gifts for Anyone, Anytime — Including Doctors

Searching for gifts for a doctor doesn’t have to be difficult!

Did your lifelong best friend finally land a job as a psychologist and you want to show her just how proud you are? Consider sending them our Alprazolam candle as a witty congratulations gift!

Is your love interest stressed out after every shift in the OR, making date night a drag? Our sensual Haloperidol candle is the perfect scent to share your love for them. 

No matter the type of doctor, or your relationship with them, Aromasthesia has a scent perfect for gifting anyone, anytime,  including your doctor. Each candle is “prescribed” with love by Dr. Moon. 


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