The Tiffany Moon Guide for Mommy-to-Be Gift Giving: 14 Luxury Maternity and Push Gifts for Pregnant Women

Shopping for the perfect gift for a pregnant woman can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Where do you even begin to look? 

Here’s a tip — the best gifts for pregnant women are things that remind her how amazing she is — while empowering her on her journey as she deals with the joys of gestation. 

We understand how challenging it can be to find just the right gift — so we've done the hard work for you. 

Here is our exclusive Dr. Tiffany Moon guide to luxury pregnancy gifts you'll be proud to give —  and she'll be thrilled to receive.


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Nine Months Is a LONG Time — Take Her Mind Off Growing a Tiny Human With These 14 Luxury Gifts for Pregnant Women


Best Gifts for Pregnant Women in the Often Unpleasant First Trimester

Finding out you're having a baby can be an exhilarating experience. 

That is until pregnancy hormones kick in. Those bad boys can take a perfectly sane woman and make her stark raving mad in no time flat.

And that “glow” people talk about? Nowhere to be seen. 

She's pooped. Exhausted. Newly preggo mamas need help, people! 

Here are the perfect gifts to help take her mind off of feeling yucky — and help her focus on getting the rest and relaxation she deserves.




#1: Aromasthesia Ondansetron Candle for Upset Tummies and Expecting Mummies

With its clean, fresh scent of lavender, vanilla, and luxurious cashmere, Aromasthesia’s ondansetron candle is sure to become a fast favorite. 

The fresh, relaxing scent evokes feelings of a snuggly, warm hug, comfy clothes, and ultimate relaxation, and will be sure to please even the most morning-sick (or afternoon-sick, or all-the-freaking-time-sick) mama-to-be.




#2: A Comfortable Sweater to Cozy Into on Those ‘Feeling Yucky’ Days

Naps happen. Especially when you have a bun in the oven.

If there's one thing every pregnant mama deserves, it is copious amounts of couch time. And when she is wrapped up in this ultra snuggly cardigan, she'll feel as though she’s enveloped in a cozy cocoon. 

This 100% cashmere sweater is roomy enough to accommodate all nine months of her growing belly.

And it's even perfect for the post-delivery fashion rotation.




#3: A Congratulatory Gift Box to Kick Off the Journey to Motherhood

Are you wanting to give the future mama something just for her? The “Congrats!” Pregnancy Gift Box is just the find. 

Complete with a silky soft maternity robe, glass/silicone water bottle, hand sanitizer, raspberry ginger morning sickness lozenges, and a “Bump” pregnancy journal, this gift box is the perfect way to help her feel beautiful — and chronicle her baby journey — all while staying hydrated and relaxed.

Plus, it comes perfectly boxed with a black satin ribbon, so you can have it sent straight to the expectant mama, with no extra fuss for you.



#4: Shearling Slippers — Cozy Now and Perfect for Swelling Feet Later

Pampering. It’s what a girl deserves — especially when she's pregnant. 

Welcome to the softest pair of shoes she will ever own. These Jimmy Choo slip-on shearling slippers will make her preggo feet feel like they're walking on clouds. 

She'll thank you again and again —  especially when she hits her third trimester and can’t bend over to put on her shoes.




#5: Give Her Relief From Pregnancy Aches and Pains With a Quality Massager

When you're pregnant, your back hurts … your feet hurt … your legs hurt … your neck hurts … you get the idea.

Set her up with an easy way to find muscle relief throughout her pregnancy with this mini massager.

The ultimate pampering gift for any pregnant woman, the Theragun mini portable massage gun is perfect for taking care of any aches and pains that may arise in between massage appointments with her favorite masseuse. 

Plus, its compact size makes it easy to toss into the diaper bag once the baby arrives.


Best Pregnancy Gifts for the More Comfortable Second Trimester

The second trimester is often the best time of a woman’s pregnancy. 

She can say hello to energy — and goodbye to tossing her cookies into the nearest toilet. She finally feels good enough to get out and about to shop for maternity clothes or spend the night on the town.

Here are a few of the best gifts for pregnant women in their second trimester.




#6: Aromasthesia Labetalol Candle — Give the Gift of Repose

Some mamas take longer than others to hit their second-trimester stride.

If you're looking for a little something for the expectant mama who has yet to attain her maternal glow, look no further.

With its relaxing blend of bergamot, lavender, cedarwood, and musk,  Aromasthesia’s labetalol candle gives the gift of repose and relaxation.

Its woodsy, earthy aroma is the perfect remedy for mamas who need to bring their blood pressure down a few notches and chill a bit.




#7: Satisfy Her Food Cravings With a Mother Snacker Gift Box

Pregnancy brings with it some seriously intense cravings.

Pickles. Ice cream. Lemons. Chocolate. 

These curated monthly subscription snack boxes are an easy-peasy way to put her cravings to rest — at least for an hour or two. 

Each month she will receive a package filled to the brim with artisan treats and everyday essentials, including things like small-batch coffees and teas, chocolate-covered pretzels, a bougie facial scrub, gourmet vanilla caramels, and an orange + eucalyptus shower steamer.

It even comes with a personalized note card filled with encouragement (Mama, you got this!), and a snazzy, chic bow.




#8: Raising the Bar Mocktail Subscription Box

Now that the mom-to-be is likely feeling better, she may be missing her favorite cocktail.

Raising the Bar’s mocktail subscription service delivers all the unique ingredients and tools mama needs to easily create her own innovative, delicious, zero-proof drinks from the comfort of her own home

And their Beyond the Box online feature includes recipes, techniques, tutorials, and a whole lot more.




#9: Stylish Maternity Wear to Highlight Her New ‘Accessory’

With morning sickness in the rearview mirror, it's time to get out and hit the town!

Bumpsuit’s Velvet Nicole Mini Dress is just what she needs to make her look and feel like the baby-growing goddess she truly is. 

Available in glorious black or blush crushed velvet, this dress gently stretches throughout each stage of pregnancy, perfectly showing off her most elegant accessory — a.k.a. baby bump. 




#10: Luxury Stretch Mark Oil to Help Prevent Those Pesky Lines

Let's start off by making one thing crystal clear — stretch marks are a perfectly normal part of pregnancy. 

And those itty bitty babies can leave plenty of perfectly normal — not so itty bitty — stretch marks. 

So what's a mama to do? Use the Bellylicious Belly Firming Bundle, of course!

This elegant set includes: B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream, GET-SPRUNG Enriched Stretch Mark Oil, and the SMOOTH-ME Body Quartz Roller.

Clinically proven to decrease the look of stretch marks, leaving only radiant-looking skin, the set includes everything she needs for pregnancy and beyond


Great Gifts for Pregnant Women in the Seemingly Never-Ending Third Trimester

She’s hit the home stretch! 

In the third trimester, the up-and-coming mama may feel somewhat akin to a beached whale and want nothing more than to be D.O.N.E.

What you need are gifts that take her mind off of late pregnancy discomforts — like having to tinkle every 30 minutes — and help her focus on the joy and excitement of finally meeting her baby.

Here are the top gifts for pregnant women to help them round the bend and push through to the finish.


gift candle for pregnant


#11: Aromasthesia Oxytocin Candle for the Mommy-to-Be Who Could Use a ‘Push’

Has your favorite future mama been feeling a little blah lately? 

First of all, give her a break. Her now basketball-sized uterus is providing living quarters for a real, live baby human. 

Second of all, give her this candle.

With stimulating notes of lychee, passionflower, and pear, Aromasthesia’s oxytocin candle smells beyond heavenly.

The invigorating scents of essential oils in this candle will make short work of the blahs and give her the push she needs to finish strong.




#12: The Ultimate Maternity Body Pillow for Uncomfortable Nights

Trying to sleep when you're pregnant can be nothing short of a nightmare.

That’s why the Back ‘N Belly® pillow is where it's at — and where you may find her curled up for the rest of her pregnancy.

This innovative pillow’s contours were designed to follow the natural curves of her pregnant body — and it even comes with a zip-off cover for washability.

But, partners beware: she may have to kick you out of bed to have room for this beast.




#13: Nesting Bundle for Comfort at Home After the Little One Arrives

The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle is perfect for the hospital — and those memorable nights when she's pacing the floor with her precious, screaming munchkin. 

This plush set includes a softer-than-soft robe, French terry jogger pants, ultra-comfy nursing bra, and Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm.  




#14: A Prada Tote Bag for the Fashionable Mama-to-Be

Let's be honest, those big, bulky diaper bags are far from très chic. 

What's better than a diaper bag? 

Prada’s Re-Nylon padded tote bag — that easily doubles as a make-up, ear pod, day planner, perfume, diaper, wipe, extra change of clothes, and snack bag. 

That's the beauty of this contemporary, elegant bag. No one will ever guess this is a diaper bag. 

And with its Prada logo and Nappa leather handles, she’ll be using this fresh tote long after the baby is potty-trained.


gifts for pregnant women