The Tiffany Moon Guide to Graduation Gifts for Medical Students: 15 Luxury Gifts for Your Favorite New Doctor

Countless all-night study sessions.

Lectures, lectures, and more lectures. (Seriously, people, there are So. Many. Lectures.)

And don’t forget about the insane stress of applying for residency. 

Graduating from medical school is a HUGE deal!

And if you know a soon-to-be med school grad, you want to find them the perfect gift for their graduation. 

No idea what to give?

I've rounded up the perfect list of 15 luxury graduation gifts for medical students to congratulate the new doctor in your life — and encourage them as they embark on their medical journey.


graduation gifts for medical student


Table of Contents


#1 white shoe


#1: Ultra-Comfy Tennis Shoes for Those All Night Shifts

For all-night shifts or days off, Allbirds tennis shoes make great graduation gifts for medical students. 

Not only are Allbirds’s tennies … 

  • Breathable
  • Ultra cushy; and 
  • Super lightweight

... but they are also made with responsibly-sourced eucalyptus tree fiber, so they tread lightly on the planet. 


#2 airpods


#2: AirPods For Tuning Out the Noise 

Everyone loves AirPods!

Whether they’re for blocking out the noise of the bustling hospital cafeteria or jamming to some wire-free tunes on an afternoon jog, you can’t go wrong giving a set of AirPods as a graduation gift for a medical student. 

And their compact size means they can easily be dropped into the pocket of their scrubs or tossed in a gym bag.


#3 pen



#3: A Fancy Pen for Signing Their Name a Hundred Times a Day

These. Are. The. Best. Pens. Ever. 

With their residency ahead, it's time to write like a real doctor. Give them a pen that they'll love — and everyone else will try to steal because it writes so ridiculously smooth. 

Disclaimer: No guarantees this pen will improve their penmanship, ‘cause after all, doctors have a reputation to uphold.


#4 candle


#4: Aromasthesia’s Alprazolam Candle for Encouraging Relaxation 

Who couldn't use a little more serenity? 

Tiffany Moon’s luxury Aromasthesia’s medical candles are triple-scented and crafted with the highest quality essential oils and a premium blend of coconut and soy wax. 

With its sweet smell of jasmine flowers, Aromasthesia’s Alprazolam candle evokes images of rays of sunlight shining through a bamboo forest and is sure to help lower the grad’s heart rate and blood pressure after a long day in the clinic.


#5 Dansko


#5: Dansko Clogs to Keep Them Feeling Great On Even the Toughest Shift 

Dansko leather clogs are the fav of pretty much every medical worker.

Their ergonomic design helps reduce leg, back, and foot pain by reducing stress on joints and absorbing shock. 

Seriously, the comfort is unbelievable — and they're even slip-resistant on wet, dry, and oil-wet surfaces.

These go-to shoes come in a fun variety of colors and patterns, but basic black is always a great choice.

In your search for the best graduation gifts for medical students, take my word for it — you can’t go wrong with Danskos.


#6 coffee beans


#6: The Ultimate Caffeine Fix for a Quick Burst of Energy

Give a gift that will help them power through those insanely loooooong double shifts — chocolate-covered espresso beans!

These decadent, organic, dark chocolate-smothered espresso beans will give the perfect jolt of energy to help them finish strong.

And they can even pop a few in their scrub pocket to have on hand at a moment's notice anytime their eyelids start to droop.


#7 snack


#7: A Healthy Snack for a Bite to Eat Between Patients

Treating patients.

Making rounds.

Interpreting tests.


With the bazillion demands of medical life, doctors can struggle to eat healthy meals — or sometimes, to even find the time to eat at all.

These curated snack boxes are an easy-peasy way to quiet a rumbling tummy. 

The grad will receive a package that’s filled to the brim with healthy, snacky treats, including things like specialty popcorn, nut butters, granola, energy bars, and herbal teas.

And it even comes with a signature cotton tote for storing all the goodness.


#8 water bottle


#8: A Fancy Water Bottle for On-the-Go Hydration

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

They’re going to be preaching it to their patients all day long — but getting their own daily needed intake of water may be a whole other story.

With this gift idea for graduating medical students, staying hydrated is something they’ll look forward to.

Not only does Hydro Flask make the coolest water bottles around, but they're also rugged and durable — and available in all the fun colors. 


#9 candle


#9: Aromasthesia’s Atropine & Dexmedetomidine Candles for Energy and Focus

Everybody needs a little extra boost every now and then. 

Gift your graduating med student the perfect, 100% legal “upper” — in the form of Tiffany Moon’s Aromasthesia’s Atropine & Dexmedetomidine Candles.

The Atropine candle features a refreshing blend of tropical florals and fruits that is sure to help speed them up, while the Dexmedetomidine candle’s pink grapefruit, bergamot, and hint of clove are just what the doctor ordered to help them smoooooooth out some of those inevitable bumps on the road of life.


#10 scrub cap


#10: A Stylish Scrub Cap for OR Shifts

A perfect graduation gift for medical students is a fancy scrub hat for their shifts in the OR.

And you can't go wrong with the Tiffany Moon scrub hat collection.

Whether you choose:

… you'll be sending them into the OR with an enviable sense of style and all-day (or all-night) comfort.  

Plus, each cap is hand-sewn in the USA, an​​d a portion of the proceeds is donated to THE FAMILY PLACE!


#11 broth


#11: Bone Broth for a Quick Shot of Protein

Why bone broth, you ask?

Well, for starters, Osso Good bone broth isn’t just your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill bone broth. It’s sunshine in a cup! 

Besides that, this easy to eat on-the-go bone broth:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Is rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids
  • Strengthens bones, skin, nails, and hair
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Provides energy
  • Reduces inflammation; and
  • Is healing to the gut

And Osso Good broth is made in small batches and is certified organic, paleo, keto, and AIP compliant to meet every dietary preference.  


#12 daily harvest


#12: A Meal Delivery Subscription Because No One Should Have to Cook After the Night Shift

Give the graduation gift that keeps on giving — the Daily Harvest plant-based meal delivery service.

Each month the grateful graduate will receive a variety of ready-to-eat smoothies, oat and chia bowls, flatbreads, harvest bowls, and tasty soups.

Daily Harvest meals are built on fruits and veggies and are …

  • Farm-frozen
  • Thoughtfully sourced
  • Chef-created
  • Pre-portioned; and
  • Superfood based

Plus, they’re delivered right to their door.

Use this link for $25 off!


#13 garden cup


#13: On-the-Go Salad Cups for Fresh Food Any Time of Day

5 veggies a day. 

Shopping, washing, chopping … 

The struggle is real for anyone trying to eat their daily requirement — but for a new doctor, it can be downright impossible.

That’s why GardenCup is the perfect gift for graduating medical students.

GardenCup is the modern take on salad, packed full of freshly-diced produce and power foods. It makes eating healthy:

  • Effortless
  • Delicious
  • Portable; and 
  • Oh, so much fun

With flavors like Southwest, Cobb, Mediterranean, and Applegreen, your favorite grad will be thrilled to have their fridge stocked with these ready-to-eat, plant-packed meals.

Door Dash will be a thing of the past when you give a monthly subscription to GardenCup.

And when you use code: TIFFANY, you’ll receive $9.99 off your order. 


#14 tea


#14: Fancy Tea for All-Day Refreshment

Pique tea packets are no ordinary teas. 

Crafted from exquisite ingredients sourced from the most biodiverse and ecological destinations worldwide, including the …

  • Sun-drenched shores of Calabria, Italy
  • Ancient forests of Yunnan, China
  • Pristine mountain regions of Kagoshima, Japan

… these doctor-approved blends are a cutting-edge source of health, transformation, and beauty.

All teas are made from the highest quality tea leaves and include all-natural ingredients that are free of additives, organic, and sugar-free.

And there's no brewing required! Simply open a packet, pour it into your water bottle, and you’re good to go! 

My favorite is the sun goddess matcha!®


#15 lorazepam candle


#15: Aromasthesia’s Lorazepam Candle for Unwinding at the End of a Long Day

What if you could give the new doctor the seemingly evasive gift of being able to unwind? 

With Aromasthesia’s Lorazepam candle, you can!

This candle’s earthy blend of … 

  • Patchouli
  • Soft jasmine; and 
  • A hint of amber 

… is the only “downer” they’ll need to melt away the cares of their latest shift and settle into complete relaxation.


graduation gifts for medical student