Three-Wick vs. One-Wick Candles: Which Should You Buy?

Ahhhh… three-wick candles. There’s nothing like that burning inferno to raise temperatures and encourage house fires.

We’re joking! 

There’s actually nothing wrong with three-wick candles, except the notion that you must have three wicks to get all that delicious scent from your candle. Well, that and a few other things.

But what if we told you that you don’t need three wicks, and that you can enjoy the luxurious glow of a one-wick candle while getting all the same benefits and more?

Follow along. We’ve got a secret to share with you when it comes to three-wick vs. one-wick candles.


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three wick vs one wick candle


Is a Three-Wick Candle Better Than a One-Wick Candle?

Once upon a time, three wicks may have been better than one. 

Whether it was the aesthetic or the idea that you needed three wicks to fill a room with your favorite scent, three wicks are no longer required to enjoy all the same benefits. 

A quality one-wick candle is all you need. And what’s better than the romantic glow of a single flame?


3 Disadvantages of Three-Wick Candles

Again, we’re not here to judge. If you love your three-wick candles, then we respect that!

However, everything has its pros and cons, so we feel we must fill you in on a few of the downsides of three-wick candles.


#1: They May Be Too Large to Fit Well in Your Space

You’re browsing your favorite home decor store, and you stop dead in your tracks. You hear that heavenly music, and it’s as if a beam of light is shining down upon the most glorious candle you’ve ever seen.

You’re about to make yet another impulse buy when the practical little voice in your head reminds you that you’re running out of space. 

Three-wick candles can be really big. Some of them come in large, decorative bowls, while others are in cute (but huge) jars that remind you of grandma’s spice cupboard.

As aesthetically pleasing as some of these candles might be, it can be difficult to find room for them — especially if you like having a candle in every room like we do!


#2: They Give You Less Bang for Your Buck

Wait… what? But they’re bigger, have more wax, and they cost way more. How is this possible?

Despite the hefty price tag, three-wick candles are often of lower quality. Because of the volume needed, cheaper wax is used, and they’re usually single-scented — which is why they need three wicks to draw out any fragrance.

The lack of quality can cause both uneven burning and a dwindling scent, leaving you frustrated that you spent all that money for short-term satisfaction.

In the case of three-wick candles, bigger is not always better.


#3: They Usually Burn Very Quickly

Burn baby, burn! Three-wicks burn three times as fast. There’s no way around it. 

Even though you may have more wax overall, remember that it’s generally cheaper quality, meaning it’s going to burn up very quickly. 

Think of it this way, if you had a spaghetti colander with only one hole, the water would drain much slower. But a colander with multiple holes drains the water a lot faster. 

Your three-wick candle is basically draining your wax faster, meaning you’re technically not getting more candle for your money.

So, in addition to … 

  • Being big and bulky
  • Costing you a small fortune; and
  • Losing their scent quickly

… three-wick candles don’t last as long! 

It’s definitely something to think about. While you do, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite candle — the Aromasthesia one-wick candle.


three wick vs one wick candle


3 Advantages of Aromasthesia’s One-Wick Candles

One wick to rule them all. Okay, that was a bit cheesy, but we really do believe our candles are the best — and for good reason, we promise! 


#1: They Are Triple-Scented With the Highest Quality Essential Oils and Natural Fragrances

When creating Aromasthesia candles, Dr. Tiffany Moon wanted to be absolutely sure that one candle could fill a large room with her delicious scents.

With this mission in mind, Aromasthesia sourced the finest quality essential oils and natural fragrances and didn’t stop at the usual amount of scent most candles add. Nope, we decided that to get even more throw, we would triple-scent every candle.

What does this mean?

For Aromasthesia candles, this means that every room is filled with your favorite scent every single time you light your candle. Our candles don’t run out of juice halfway through. They’re guaranteed to the last drop.

Even better, because we use 3x as much essential oils and natural fragrances as our competitors, our scents can linger long after you’ve snuffed out the flame.

Our customers tell us all the time that they love catching a whiff each time they enter the room.


#2: They Are Made of Premium Wax

Cheap wax? Not a chance.

Aromasthesia candles are made from premium soy wax that not only retains our natural fragrances and essential oils much better, but also has a much longer burn time.

Many three-wick candles claim 25-45 hours of burn time for 15-20 oz. of wax — which is an oddly broad range if you ask us. But Aromasthesia candles will burn for 60 hours even though our single-wick candles are only 10 oz.!

Another major advantage to using premium wax is that it burns evenly. No more digging into the wax hole to find your buried wick

If that isn’t reason enough to choose an Aromasthesia candle, we don’t know what is!


#3: They Are All-Natural

Triple wick = triple threat. 

Seriously, though. Many store-bought candles are full of nasty chemicals and artificial fragrances that get released into the air you’re breathing. Ew! 

Not to mention, if you’re burning three wicks at a time, you’re potentially breathing in triple the nastiness.

Aromasthesia candles use only premium ingredients. Our candles are free of:

  • Artificial dyes
  • Paraffin
  • Phthalates; and 
  • Parabens

Why? Because they were created by a doctor who cares what you breathe in.


Treat Yourself to a Wonderland of Fragrance With Luxury Single-Wick Candles From Aromasthesia

Dr. Tiffany Moon lives for candles and luxury — but never at the expense of your health or pocketbook

That’s why Aromasthesia candles are designed to create the perfect ambiance — the luxurious environment you crave — without breaking the bank like some three-wick candles do.

When it comes to three-wick vs. one-wick candles, ours come out on top every time.

Our premium single-wick candles are triple-scented, so you can enjoy your favorite scent to the last drop. They’re made with:

  • Premium soy wax; and
  • The highest quality essential oils and natural fragrances 

Our candles never cut corners on quality, we just offer 100% pure pampering.

Each candle is made in the U.S.A. and we donate a portion of each candle sold to The Family Place

Our diverse selection of opulent scents is specially crafted to invoke feelings of:

  • Energy
  • Obtundity
  • Relaxation
  • Homeostasis
  • Tranquility
  • Serenity; and 
  • Total chillaxation

With a candle for every mood, you’ll have no problem finding your daily dose of quietude and peace with Aromasthesia.


three wick vs one wick candle