Tiffany Moon of Real Housewives of Dallas: Where Is She Now?

She can save your life, but not your reputation. 

This statement was true on the Real Housewives of Dallas show — and it’s still true today!

Where is Tiffany Moon from the Real Housewives of Dallas? What is she doing now that the show is on an indefinite hiatus? 

This article is your Housewife's guide to Tiffany’s success, scalding tea, and everything in between.


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Where Tiffany Left Off the Last Time She Was Seen on Real Housewives of Dallas

As episode 16 of season 5 came to a close, Tiffany’s season-long journey came to an end with this last update:

Tiffany has been living her best life with a new schedule.

She even took her girls camping and Bigfoot hunting in Oklahoma. 

Her and her mom are taking baby steps toward a better relationship.

If you were left thinking, “That’s it? Where is Tiffany Moon now?” you aren’t alone.

You may also be thinking, the Bravo producers did NOT go to Tiffany Moon’s Grammar School (That last update should read, “She and her mom are taking steps toward a better relationship.)


What Is Tiffany Moon Up to Today?

The real question here is, “What is Tiffany Moon not up to?” Keep reading for the latest scoop on what Tiffany Moon is up to today.


Tiffany Moon Is Still a Practicing Anesthesiologist

Dr. Tiffany Moon is still a practicing anesthesiologist. The last time you saw her on the show, Tiffany was grappling with cutting her hours to spend more time with her family. 

Now, Tiffany works part-time as an anesthesiologist. But don’t let her part-time status fool you. She is still doing big things in the medical world.

For those wondering, the Real Housewives show did not have a negative impact on Dr. Tiffany Moon’s medical career (take that, haters). Recently, she won the D Magazine’s “Best of Doctors” in the anesthesia group.

She is also still teaching medical students in residency as an Associate Professor and actively publishes medical papers on anesthesiology.


What Else Is Going on in Tiffany Moon’s Professional Life?

Tiffany Moon has a lot going on — inside and outside the OR. But “busy” is how she likes it! With elective surgeries canceled and a newfound sense of “down-time” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany stepped into the wine and candle industries.


Three Moons Wine

If you’re a fan of the show, you may remember Stephanie and Tiffany enjoying a glass of Three Moons Wine in Tiffany’s ginormous basement wine cellar. 

If you have a quick trigger finger for pressing “add to cart,” you may have even tried some of her wine for yourself. She sold out of an entire year’s worth of inventory in less than 5 months.

Tiffany and her husband are traveling to Napa, California in 2022 for the blending session of their 2023 vintage collection.

Click here to request to be added to the waiting list for next year’s vintages, so you’ll  be the first to know when they are released.





As a way to cope with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany experimented with creating her own candles. Thus, Aromasthesia  was born. These funny, medical-themed candles incorporate Tiffany’s two passions — aromatherapy and anesthesia. 




Her widely-popular luxury candle line is proof that laughter is truly the best medicine. Click here to shop the collection for yourself.


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Tiffany Is Still Finding Her Balance as a Working Mom

Things have changed since the last time you saw Tiffany’s twins, Chloe and Madison, on your TV screen. The girls are now 7 and a half and smarter and sassier than ever.

Tiffany has been finding her stride as a working mom and spends more quality time with her girls now than ever before. Occasionally, the twins make an appearance on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.


@tiffanymoonmd Do you ever look at someone and think what is going through their mind 😂 #TwinMom ♬ оригинальный звук - _malifisenta007_


Aside from making fun TikToks with mom, the twins love participating in ballet and gymnastics.


Tiffany Is Still Hanging With the Housewives — Well … Some of Them

Tiffany always gets asked if she ever hangs out with any of her previous castmates and well... she hangs out with those she was friends with before the show! 

With a friendship that superseded the reality show, Tiffany and D’Andra remain close friends (though the same can’t be said for the rest of her fellow cast mates). Tiffany just recently shared a video of her on Instagram celebrating D’Andra’s birthday.



While Tiffany may not have remained close with some of her cast mates, she still talks to a lot of other housewives — with friends on the Beverly Hills, New York, Orange County, Miami, and Dubai franchise shows.


Want More Updates on Tiffany Moon? Follow Her on Social Media!

Want more tea on Tiffany Moon’s current life? Follow her on social media! 

As the true definition of an open book, Tiffany Moon shares all the exciting happenings in her life with fans on social media — with a little sass and a lot of humor.

What is next in Tiffany’s world? 13 wick candles? A sponsorship for chicken feet? A rise to TikTok famehood?

Follow her social channels to find out: 


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