11 Warm Candle Scents That Will Make You Want to Stay at Home

It’s October and fall is in full swing. 

That means it’s time to snuggle up in a cozy chair with a fur blanket (faux, of course) and a warm pumpkin spice latte.

Exchanging your summer wardrobe for soft cashmere sweaters and booties is just the beginning of embracing the coziness fall brings.

It’s time to set the toasty mood in your home with warm scents that encourage you to take it slow and watch the leaves change color.

Here you’ll find 11 popular warm scents that will have you nestled in the bosom of fall.


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warm scented candles


11 Popular Warm Scents

Your decor is the cornerstone of your home’s style and while many consider lighting to be the best way to set the mood, the most welcoming homes have the added element of candles.

The flickering low light, along with the perfect signature scent, adds just the right amount of sheik and coziness to your space.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, Aromasthesia’s luxury candle collection has a scent that will have your guests begging for the secret of your amazing-smelling home. 

Learn how these 11 popular warm scents can help set the perfect calming or invigorating mood for your space.


#1: Amber

Amber is a blend of sacred: 

  • Oils
  • Powders; and 
  • Resins 

This scent is warm and woodsy with an undertone of floral citrus.

The woodsy notes come from the oil produced from the fossilized sap of a giant prehistoric tree. Amber is the fossil resin that flowed out of the bark, dried up, and hardened. Remember the deep orange, opaque stone from Jurassic Park?

The scent of amber can be:

  • Sensually enticing
  • Calming; and 
  • Helpful in preparing for meditation

If this scent is a favorite of yours, be sure to check out our Haloperidol “Haldol” candle. Its vanilla amber aroma is the perfect blend of warmth and sensuality.


    haloperidol warm candle


    #2: Lily

    The floral scent of lily is …

    • Rich
    • Warm; and
    • Heady

    Although the aroma produced from the flower is subtle, it is still quite distinct.

    Lily gives a nourishing, balanced feeling and can help lift your mood when those days get you down.

    Lily’s scent can create a sense of: 

    • Exuberance
    • Tranquility; and
    • Security

    Lily is extracted from the delicate, fragrant, white flowers of the Lilium candidum, also known as the Madonna Lily, native to the Balkans and the Middle East.


    #3: Musk

    Musk is a delicate, but incredibly strong aroma that is a necessity in creating a warm, cozy smell for your home. 

    Musk is in a class of aromatic substances that include:

    • Glandular secretions from animals
    • Numerous plants; and 
    • Artificial substances emitting similar fragrances 

    It has a …

    • Delicate
    • Powdery
    • Light 

    … scent with robust, earthy tones that are particularly great at capturing one’s sense of smell.

    Most often, musk is extracted from the anal gland of the male musk deer, which if used in high concentrations, can seriously stink. 

    Musk evaporates slowly, but remains potent, so a little goes a long way. That’s why it's commonly used as a base note for many scents.

    Musk is known for giving a calming, relaxing feeling that soothes the body and eases the mind.


    #4: Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is one scent that brings about happy memories of delectable food and cozy evenings.

    Cinnamon’s …

    • Woody
    • Spicy 
    • Sweet

    … smell can fill your home with warm feelings of fall.

    The unique properties of cinnamon come from its essential oils and cinnamaldehyde compound.

    Ceylon cinnamon is considered “true cinnamon” and is derived from the Cinnamomum verum tree. Strips of the inner bark are dried until they curl into the rolls you know as cinnamon sticks.

    Besides having a calming effect, cinnamon can also be used to curb food cravings and repel insects, so this amazingly versatile scent is one you’ll want to keep around. 


    warm scented candles



    #5: Patchouli

    The unique, herbaceous scent of patchouli has rich chemical properties that can have a grounding, balancing effect on your mood.

    Patchouli comes from the patchouli plant, Pogostemon cablin, a bushy herb that is part of the mint family. The stems of the plant can grow two to three feet tall with tiny pink and white flowers and green jagged leaves.

    Patchouli is easily recognized for its …

    • Earthy
    • Musky; and 
    • Sweet

     … base notes.

    And it’s not just for hippies. Patchouli is a popular addition to :

    • Candles
    • Air fresheners; and
    • Perfumes


      #6: Vetiver

      You may have not heard of vetiver, but you’ve probably smelled it. 

      Produced from the roots of vetiver grass, its …

      • Earthy
      • Woody
      • Smoky

      … aroma has a long history of use in perfumery.

      Vetiver is another scent well known for helping you feel more grounded when your mood is out of balance. 

      In fact, a study looking at the effects of sedatives on the brain found that vetiver has relaxing and anxiety-reducing properties similar to those of diazepam. All the chill with none of the side effects. 


      #7: Jasmine

      Jasmine’s … 

      • Warm 
      • Exotic; and
      • Floral

      … scent invites you to kick your feet up on the sofa and relax with a glass of wine.

      The romantic floral essence of jasmine is captured from the blossoms of the Jasminum grandiflorum plant, native to parts of:

      • Asia
      • Africa; and
      • China

      With its rich, deep middle notes, one whiff of jasmine and you’ll feel ready to conquer a night on the town. 

      If you’re a jasmine lover, you’ll be thrilled to light up our Alprazolam “Xanax” candle. Jasmine and bamboo combine with other relaxing scents to give you “serenity now.”




      #8: Fig

      The aroma of fig is derived from the seed and leaf of the fig tree — not the fruit, as many would think. 

      Still, the smell is reminiscent of the fruit and evokes a sense of natural forest along with spicy, bitter green notes. 

      Touted as being good luck, fig has a wonderfully …

      • Creamy
      • Sweet; and 
      • Honeyed

      … scent.

      Fig pairs particularly well with …

      • Musk
      • Citrus
      • Coconut
      • Amber; and
      • Other floral scents

      … to create a vast array of deliciously unique scent profiles.

      The Aromasthesia Sevoflurane candle provides warmth with aromas of rich, dark fig and amber and is sure to sweeten your day. 




      #9: Sandalwood

      Sandalwood is one of my favorites!

      It gives a classic yet exotic feel to any scent and is known to reduce stress.

      Whenever I’m feeling drained or jet-lagged, the smell of sandalwood helps me feel like myself again.

      In Asia, sandalwood is thought to bring …

      • Harmony
      • Focus; and
      • Balance

      … to the weary mind. Traditionally, sandalwood was used in religious ceremonies to support grounding for meditation.

      Sandalwood is useful in helping deal with stress and anxiety. In one study, women reported that sandalwood was among three scents that helped reduce their anxiety. And this amazing smell has even been proven effective for lowering blood pressure.

      Since I love this warm scent so much, you won’t be surprised to learn that I frequently burn the Labetalol candle in my home. The earthy blend of sandalwood and musk sends me into a state of bliss every time.




      #10: Vanilla

      One of the most recognizable cozy, inviting scents is vanilla. 

      Vanilla is a member of the orchid family and grows as a vine. ​​The semi-solid resin is extracted from vanilla beans and can be paired with almost any scent.

      Need a scent to mask the diaper pail in the nursery or your kitchen trash? Vanilla is the perfect deodorizer. Its sweet, warm aroma will help cover the stink and give the space a …

      • Comforting
      • Romantic; and
      • Nurturing

      … feeling.

      Vanilla is also credited for its ability to relieve depression. A study tracking markers of depression in mice, determined the vanillin compound to possess antidepressant properties.

      Our Etomidate candle takes vanilla up a notch by blending it with cardamom and shea butter. Draw a bath, light this candle, and relax into luxury.




      #11: Cardamom

      Closely related to ginger, cardamom is a root that’s known as an expensive cooking spice. 

      Cardamom is … 

      • Aromatic
      • Sweet; and
      • Spicy

      … with a hint of peppery lemon, and is used in Southeast Asia to flavor chai and Masala curry. Is your mouth watering yet?

      Not only is Cardamom a tasty culinary delight, but if you struggle with sea sickness or want to lose your lunch on a windy car ride, the scent of cardamom may be just what you need to feel grounded and energized again. 


      What Kind of Mood Do Warm-Scented Candles Evoke?

      Depending on the scent combination, warm-scented candles can evoke many different moods, including …

      • Sensual
      • Relaxing
      • Energizing; and
      • Romantic

      Some scents are more versatile and easily combined with others, like …

      • Vanilla
      • Musk; and 
      • Amber

      Other warm scents are more distinctive and take center stage in any combination.

      If you’re looking for a more stimulating mood, you may opt for a patchouli-scented candle. Or, if you prefer a more tranquil mood, a lily-scented candle might be the way to go. Vetiver and cinnamon are both stress-reducing scents.

      What kind of mood will you create in your home? Aromasthesia has just what you need.


      What Are the Best Warm-Scented Candles?

      These days, there are warm-scented candles everywhere you look — but there’s more to choosing the best warm-scented candles than scent alone. 

      What’s the use in following your nose to your favorite fall scent when the smell quickly dissipates after you light it? Or even worse, the scent changes once the candle begins to burn.

      Finding the best warm-scented candles is as simple as visiting Aromasthesia. Our luxurious, warm-scented candles will fill your home with the scent of coziness from the first light to the last drop. 

      And you can be sure the scent won’t change like those budget-brand candles. Aromasthesia candles are made of soy wax, so they …

      • Don’t emit toxic chemicals
      • Burn more slowly; and 
      • Gradually release the scent

      Plus, they’re triple-scented, so you can enjoy the luscious smell from across the room.


      warm scented candles


      Make Your Space Smell Like “Home Sweet Home” With Aromasthesia Warm Candle Scents 

      The warm-scented candles from Aromasthesia will have you feeling the fall vibes.

      Lose yourself in luxurious scents like:

      • Haloperidol: Diffuses notes of vanilla and amber for a warm, calming mood
      • Sevoflurane: Transports you to the forest with the scent of rich, dark figs, amber, and oud
      • Etomidate: Entices a food lover’s senses with the aromas of rich Tahitian vanilla, ground cardamom, and a touch of Tonka bean
      • Epinephrine: Emits a blend of saffron, Himalayan cedarwood, and a touch of jasmine for a fresh take on warm sensuality

      There’s a warm scent to fit every mood this fall. 

      Choose your favorite scent or shop my warm-scented candle four-pack bundle and save $30 plus get free shipping. 


      warm scented candles