What Are Luxury Candles? The Inside Skinny on What Makes Luxury Candles so Luxurious

Luxury candles. 

If you're already familiar with them, the words probably give you the warm glow of the anticipation of one of the finer things in life.

But if the term is new to you, you may be thinking, “What are luxury candles, and why are they such a big deal?”

A candle is a candle, right? Are luxury candles just another marketing ploy, or are they really something special?

Whether you’re seeking a new outlet for self-indulgence or looking for a gift for someone who appreciates epicurean delights, you need to know just what sets luxury candles apart from the other 1,354 candles on the market.

Here's the scoop on all things luxury candles — including where you can find the most sumptuous candles on the market.


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9 Features That Set Luxury Candles Apart


#1: The Fragrance

If you’re like most people, the main reason you burn a candle is to fill your space with an amazing scent.

But get this. Many candles on the market use synthetic (read: cheapo) fragrances. Don’t ask me why. Maybe they think you won’t notice that their “pumpkin spice” candle really smells like “pumpkin spice” chemicals. 

Not only do many synthetic fragrances smell “off,” but they can also release dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are super-bad for your body, like:

  • Petroleum distillates
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Limonene
  • Alcohol; and
  • Esters

As your candle burns, these toxic gases are released into the air and can cause all sorts of problems, including …

  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Loss of coordination
  • Nausea
  • Lung damage
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Central nervous damage; and even
  • Cancer

Need I say more?

Most luxury candles, on the other hand, are scented with natural fragrances — and trust me — your nose will know the difference.

I wouldn’t be caught dead sniffing sketchy chemicals, and neither should you. 

That’s why at Aromasthesia we use only the highest quality natural fragrances and essential oils. And each of our candles is triple-scented to give a strong, long-lasting aroma.


#2: The Scent Profile

Your typical department store candles usually smell overpowering and one-dimensional. Their irritating aromas may make your olfactory system want to run for the hills.

Luxury candles, on the other hand, contain a symphony of scents that maintain a delicate balance of top, middle, and bottom fragrance notes. We’re talking about harmony here — the kind that creates a glorious, full-bodied aroma that stimulates your olfactory nerve in the best of ways.

At Aromasthesia we understand the intimate connection between scent and mood — and formulate our candles accordingly. 

Looking for a relaxing floral? Try the fresh tropical scent of our orchid-laced Botulinum candle.

Need a little extra get up and go? Sugammadex’s energizing citrus/vanilla scent was created just for you.

Or how about a nice sexy scent to help get your significant other in “the mood?” Haloperidol’s warm, sensual vanilla/amber scent ought to do the trick.


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#3: The Wax

What's the big deal about wax, anyway? I'm so glad you asked!

Wax can make or break a candle, and it plays a huge role in the way scent is released, how clean the candle burns, and how long it lasts.

Most luxury candles skip the nasty, inexpensive paraffin wax, opting instead for higher-end alternatives, such as: 

  • Soy
  • Coconut; or
  • Beeswax

Aromasthesia’s candles are created with natural soy wax. This eco-friendly option has a long burn-life that allows you to revel in its aroma and ambiance for hours on end. 

And soy wax is also a fantastic fragrance carrier, so there’s no need for the chemical amplifiers some other brands add to give their candles a strong scent throw. (More on scent throw later!)

Our premium soy wax is … 

  • Non-toxic
  • Petroleum-free
  • Clean burning
  • Vegan
  • Free of paraffin, parabens, and phthalates
  • Environmentally friendly; and 
  • 100% renewable

And with its high melting point of 120 to 180℉, our soy wax burns nice and slow, giving you hours upon hours of amazingness.


#4: The Wick

While candle wicks may not seem like a big deal, they’re far from insignificant. 

The type of wick your candle contains has a huge impact on the way your candle burns and how well it disperses fragrance.

Luxury candle wicks are made from natural materials, like:

  • Cotton
  • Paper; or 
  • Wood

A high-quality wick means you can expect a squeaky-clean burn with no gunky wax left clinging to the edges. 

At Aromasthesia we’ve chosen to use 100% cotton wicks. Not only is cotton a sustainable natural fiber, but it also helps keep the flame at just the right size and temperature to burn like a dream. 

And our wicks are even double knotted to give you a long-lasting, even burn.


#5: The Burn Time

Let’s take a minute to revisit the importance of high-quality candle wax.

The type of wax used to create a candle directly affects the candle’s burn time.

Most candles on the market use inexpensive paraffin wax. 

Paraffin wax has a quick burn, and besides being a petroleum derivative that releases all sorts of toxicity into the air, paraffin creates soot residue as it burns. That’s the reason the inside of your candle container turns black.

Since luxury candles are made of high-end waxes, they have a longer burn time than your less expensive versions. 

Each Aromasthesia candle has a whopping 60 hours of burn time. That’s 3,600 minutes of pure, unadulterated candle-bliss. 


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#6: The Scent Throw

Scent what? Scent throw. And it’s probably one of the features you love most about luxury candles. (Even if you don't realize it yet.)

Ever spend your hard-earned money on a fancy-schmancy candle — only to find it barely even smells? That's because it had a lousy scent throw.

Scent throw refers to how strong or faint the candle’s fragrance is in the air, and it’s affected by several factors, including the:

  • Type of wax 
  • Wick material
  • Ratio of fragrance to wax; and
  • Candle size

One of the great features of luxury candles is that they have a strong scent throw. 

Aromasthesia luxury candles are famous for permeating your space with an amazing scent throw. So no more worrying about scorching your nostrils trying to get a whiff of your candle. You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing aroma from clear across the room. 

Our candles are properly sized, so the wick can produce the right amount of heat to evenly melt the wax on the surface.

Plus, they’re triple-scented with the highest quality natural fragrances and essential oils to enhance their scent throw even more.


#7: The Container

A quality luxury candle will be a feast for your nose — and your eyes. 

In luxury candles, you’ll see everything from clear glass to marbled glass, smooth lines to complex geometric patterns, all designed to visually enhance your candle experience.

The combination of design, material, and color of a luxury candle’s container should mingle together to create a unique vibe. 

Aromasthesia luxury candles come in classy-yet-elegant designer glass jars and are intentionally created to look perfect in any room of your home or office.




#8: The Packaging

Packaging is yet another factor that sets luxury candles apart — and it’s especially important if you’re gifting the candle to a loved one. 

Luxury candle companies invest all sorts of time, effort, and money into crafting packaging as luxurious as the candles themselves. The packaging material, shape, color, and message all help build anticipation for what lies underneath. 

We package each of our Aromasthesia’ luxury candles in a glamorous collector’s box that you’ll be excited to open, and proud to gift.


#9: The Price

Luxury candles aren’t cheap. 

But you get what you pay for, right?

While the range in price between luxury candle brands can be broad, they usually cost 2-4 times more than inferior candles.


Are Luxury Candles Worth the Price Tag?

The bottom line is that luxury candles cost more — and I’m not the least bit ashamed about it.

But are they worth it? Umm, YES!

Luxury candles smell stronger and last longer. They’re not just a candle, they’re a whole vibe — and the ambiance a luxury candle provides is 100% worth every penny. 

If you want to pamper yourself or someone you know, with an exquisite candle experience, a luxury candle is the way to go.


Why Are Luxury Candles So Expensive?

Quality has a price tag. 

And when we're talking about luxury candles, that price tag is the product of:

  • High-quality essential oils and natural fragrances
  • A specially curated scent profile
  • Proprietary wax
  • Natural fiber wicks
  • Optimal burn time
  • Amazing scent throw
  • Luxurious, designer containers; and 
  • Equally, luxurious packaging


Why Should You Buy Luxury Candles?

Luxury candles are perfect for gifting or treating yourself to some high-end aromatherapy. 

They also make a thoughtful gift for:

  • Your new neighbors: The perfect housewarming gift.
  • A new mama: She just pushed a baby out. The woman needs luxury.
  • Your boss: You’ll probably be crowned “Employee of the Year.”


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Tiffany Moon’s Aromasthesia Candle Collection: Elevating Luxury Candles to a Whole New Level

Surround your senses in luxury with Aromasthesia candles by Tiffany Moon.

This unique line of long-lasting luxury candles is triple-scented and made with … 

  • A proprietary soy wax; and 
  • The highest quality essential oils and natural fragrances

And you can choose your favorite single scent or increase your purchase value by ordering a beautifully boxed 4-pack or 6-pack. (More is always better, right?)

Aromasthesia candles come in sumptuous scents that are specially crafted to invoke feelings of …

  • Homeostasis
  • Relaxation
  • Tranquility
  • Energy
  • Obtundity
  • Serenity; and complete 
  • Chillaxation

Each candle is made in the USA, and we even donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each candle to The Family Place.

Shipping is free on orders of $150 or more. 

Live every day in the lap of luxury with Tiffany Moon’s Aromasthesia candles.


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