Candle of the Month Subscription

  • $135.00

Looking for the perfect gift? Or are you a loyal customer who's looking for a hassle-free way to receive candles? 

Every month, you will receive the perfect candle to epitomize the month. Our candles will range from the yummiest, most energizing scents, to the most refreshing, relaxing scents. Each candle is carefully curated to go with the time of year. Your home will always smell luxuriously in-season! Candles will be sent out the first Monday of the month and should arrive at your doorstep 2-5 days later. 

Your subscription will automatically renew. You may cancel anytime. Shipping is now included in price. Discounts do not apply. 

More Information

Aromasthesia diffusers are no one-reed wonder! These luxury 5.9 oz. medical diffusers are triple-scented and made with the highest quality essential oils. 

No dyes. No paraffin. No phthalates. No paraben. There's nothing fake about these diffusers!

Approximate diffusers time: 6+ months

Shipping is available to the United States and Canada. Free shipping applies to all orders to the US over $175.

Estimated Delivery: 3-5 business days for our pre-set scents. Please allow 1-2 weeks for our custom made candles.

2-day shipping is only available for our pre-set scents and is available at checkout.

Dr. Moon loves to be creative and funny, but she doesn't get to express this at her day job as an anesthesiologist. This is a passion project of hers that she's been working on for several years. A portion of the proceeds from all products sold on the website will go to charities including Women in Anesthesia, The Family Place, and the Dallas SPCA.